Gambling Integrity provides a unique service to gambling operators seeking to improve and enhance their regulatory compliance or corporate governance provisions. With our deep background in gambling regulation across the globe, we are able to advise across all aspects of regulatory affairs, not just responsible gambling. For operators looking to create or improve their regulatory reporting (for example UK operators needing to file their annual reports to the Gambling Commission) we provide a thorough analysis of your compliance efforts and assist you in compiling the report for approval.

However, our focus is on assisting with sustainable regulation: enabling revenue generation for gambling operator but at the same time, protecting vulnerable groups and looking to minimise gambling harm.

We bring our wide ranging experience to bear on specific compliance issues which affect corporate governance, such as money laundering, staff fraud and betting integrity, helping our clients identify policies and practices which can minimise the risk from such activities. We have a network of associates in each of these areas who can bring a particular expertise to bear if we believe that an operator is currently at significant risk, to help identify mitigating processes and ensure compliance can be secured and reported on.

Our regulatory expert, Graham White, together with specialist associates, can assist in any of the following areas:

1. A review of your policies, procedures and instructions as they relate to best practice. This may help you to be cost effective and adhere to current political will, the law, regulations and internal instructions.

2. We can advise on your AML policy, harm reduction (social responsibility), corporate governance, the acquisition, storage and dissemination of information relating to persons and events. We can carry out due diligence ( Financial and Integrity ) as a bespoke service with a risk based approach in order to reduce costs.

3. We can act as an independent mediator, investigating unit or appeals body for personnel issues within your organisation or with members of the public.

4.  We can act as an expert witness on gambling issues and the current 2005 Gaming Act and regulations here in Great Britain.

5. We can advise on how to obtain any gambling license to operate here in Great Britain

6. We can advise you on best practice to be incorporated into your existing or new legislation.